Is science still fashionable? What happened with the coolness of being a scientist? In a world where the role models appear in TV reality shows or are football players, how can we shift the interest of the general public back to science? In this talk we will try to provide with answers to those questions.

Marina Hervás
Marina Hervás (1989) is a postdoc in Berlin and she holds a Phd Philosophy (2017). She earned a BA in Philosophy (2011), BA in Musicology (2014) and MA in Theory of Arts and Culture Management (2012). She writes usually culture reviews and runs her own cultural project, the magazine Cultural Resuena.
Alexandre Dauphin
Alexandre Dauphin is a postdoc in ICFO and he holds a PhD in Quantum Physics (2015). He earned his bachelor in Physics (2009) and a MSc in Theoretical Physics (2011). He is coordinator of the Pint of Science Barcelona, an organization that aims to offer divulgative talks about science suitable for all audiences.


We all know that pursuing a PhD is not an easy endeavour. However, which is the real impact that it has in our mental health? All we know of cases of people who weren’t able to resist the pressure and dropped out. How do influence us the high level competitivity present? Does it comes with the territory or is academia toxic?

Marina Hervás
Núria Suñé Soler is a Ph.D. student on Psychology of Education at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and Universitat Ramon Llull (Blanquerna). Team member of SINTE-LEST & IDENTITES and researcher in the ERASMUS+ project Researcher Identity Development.
Founder and director of Centre Future.
Alexandre Dauphin
Nello Lampo is a PhD candidate at ICFO. He is also part in ConCiencias Barcelona, a political collective that analyses how to build an alternative to hegemonic scientific research and that makes a criticism of it.
Robert Sewell is a Staff Academic Scientist and the Coordinator of Academic Programs at the Institute of Photonic Sciences (ICFO) in Barcelona. He is also Co-Director of the Master of Multidisciplinary Research in Experimental Sciences.