Frequently Asked Questions

I am a researcher; What can I learn in this event?
If you take part in the initiative, you can present your work in a summarized way. You’ll meet other people doing similar research and unexpected collaboration opportunities will appear.

I am a businessman; What can I learn in this event?
The JIPI will work as a laboratory for new ideas, allowing the participants to find new contacts with highly qualified people. It represents a new way to find collaboration between the public and the private sectors.

I am a citizen interested in science; What can I learn in this event?
The JIPI is an opportunity to approach science to society, to show which research is carried out at the different catalan centers, and to allow citizens to interact with researches through original activities such as the Worldcafe or the Speednetworking.

I am afraid I will not understand anything in the FlashTalk sessions.
Talks are brief and concise. The main objective is to explain the main points of the research to a broad audience.

Activities: I do not understand the speednetworking.
Our objective is to put in contact people with similar research interests and similar working tools. That is why registration is open to everybody (researches, companies and citizens). You’ll find more detals here.

Activities: I do not understand the worldcafe.
It is an opportunity to debate about science and society with experts of the field. This activity appears as a laboratory for new ideas, and is open to everybody.

Activities: I do not understand the entrepreneurship session.
It is an opportunity to learn about the experience from three scientists who became entrepreneurs creating their own scientific and technological companies. This activity is open to the general audience and will be highly participative. You’ll find more details here.

Oral contributions seem to be too much short.
The objective of the meeting is to present your research briefly and concisely. It is a good (and original) exercice to evaluate the knowledge of your research topic.

Oral contributions seem too long.
This format is short enough in order to avoid tedium, and is long enough to be deep. Enoy the experience depends on the speakers… do you accept the challenge?

I am a company/institution; and I would linke to sponsor this event this year or the years to come.
This event is an original opportunity to create a young and talented image. Moreover, it represents a determined bet to innovation and research. If you want to join us, do not hesitate to contact us.

Why do you want to record the FlashTalks?
The JIPI wants to start a long-term project where research is moved closer to society. In this sense, talks will be available on the internet so that speakers can get feedback from their communicative abilities. This web will become a scientific repository and a meeting point for starters.