Flash Talks

Impacto del Plan de formación de directores en la mejora escolar


Las evaluaciones de impacto son un tema pendiente en la gestión pública, dado por los altos costos de implementación, seguimiento y control involucrados. Lo cual imposibilita evidenciar las decisiones de reformulación, rediseño, mantenimiento o supresión de una política pública educativa. Por tanto, es de suma importancia implementar la producción y el uso de evidencias de seguimiento en las políticas públicas, …

Burning happines

Rafael Gabriel

Stand a moment. Look around. Breathe Now look what you have in your pockets or in your backpack. It´s possible you have a new generation mobile, several personal ítems and probably your wallet with some credit cards which would allow you accessing to any existing object, although it was thousands of kilometers away from you, you could get it in …

Microwave Photonic Filters

Daniel Nuño

The Rf transfer function of Phase Modulated Mi- crowave Photonic Filters with a multiwavelength input and a fixed optical stage is analyzed, targeting reconfigurability through wavelength tuning. Optimized optical responses are shown to provide perfect stopband rejection with a 2 laser input, for a specific value of RF bandwidth, and improved rejections when the RF bandwidth is slightly changed. Addition …

Thin films for energy generation

Konrad Eiler

At the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, we are producing thin films with potential use in energy generation and storage. These films can act as a catalyst for the hydrogen evolution reaction, i.e. to produce hydrogen gas from water. With the goal to reduce the use of the costly noble metal platinum – the best catalyst so far – we are …

The role of metaphors in the representation of a country´s image

Asmik Simonian

I would like to talk about how the metaphors can represent the image of a country in the political discourse in order to create a positive or a negative image of the country, wich is very important in cognitive understanding of the mentality os different cultures and their interaction.

High temperature superconductor coated conductors for the FCC-hh collider beam screen coating

Artur Romanov

In 4 July 2012, CERN announced the experimental confirmation of the Higgs boson. It resolves the mystery of how particles receive their mass, completes the Standard Model of particle science and resulted in the award of the 2013 Nobel Prize for Physics. This achievement marks a milestone in physics history and is a glaring justification for the financial investments and …

Identification of putative androgen-regulated biomarkers of acute kidney injury (AKI) in male and female pig kidneys and validation in human proximal tubule derived epithelial cells (PTEC) models.

Stéphane Nemours

Kidney diseases are a global public health problem that is reaching epidemic proportions. It is now recognized that cumulative episodes of acute kidney injury (AKI) can lead to chronic kidney disease (CKD), and, conversely, that CKD is a risk factor for AKI. Renal ischemia/reperfusion injury (IRI) is a major cause of acute kidney injury (AKI), being the proximal tubule the …

Analog quantum chemistry simulation with ultra-cold atoms

Javier Argüello-Luengo

Computing the electronic structure of molecules is a central challenge in industry, catalysis research or drug design. Despite the enormous success of approximate methods, facing this problem exactly with conventional computers is still a tremendous challenge. This has triggered theoretical and experimental efforts to use quantum computers to solve chemistry problems [1]. An appealing strategy is analog quantum simulation, which …

Rethinking learning spaces with educational technology

Jordi Mogas Recalde

Technology is enriching lots of fields of our society and we use it to enhance learning as well. But how do we introduce technology into the classroom? And is it enough to improve the learning processes? This research aims to make clear which aspects are to be considered in the classrooms of the 21st century, and the focus is on …

The role of dietary phenolic compounds on body composition and body weight.

Sara Castro Barquero

INTRODUCTION: Recent evidence suggest that dietary intake of different polyphenols has been associated with obesity and obesity-related inflammation. However, the essential step towards the understanding of the protective effects of polyphenols on overweight and body composition depends on the adequate estimation of their consumption by dietary recalls. The aim of this study was to analyse the relationship between different polyphenol …