Flash Talks

The Role of Event Management in Enhancing The destination's image

Mohammed Al-Dweik

I would like to introduce the importance of event management in enhancing destination image in the world then in Jordan country, as example. This field is connected with MICE Tourism and Hospitality in the world that it can be increase the economic (GDP-GNP), and Jordan still developing the Tourism industry as the most important sector and improve the living cost …

Classification of food-related places using visual lifelogging.

Md. Mostafa Kamal Sarker

Classification of food-related places is one of the most recent promising application in the area of scene recognition. It helps to analyze the nutrition intake based on the food-related activity. Lifelogging is used to capture and analyze the data sources to record the events and patterns of a person’s life by using wearable sensors, such as wearable cameras. In visual …


Amy Dara Hochberg

This interdisciplinary doctoral thesis project has two main objectives: to examine two pragmatic determinants – reader-writer role relationship and technicality of vocabulary – and assess for cultural competence in health websites informing about HIV, tuberculosis, and TB/HIV co-infection in English, Spanish, French, Catalan, and Hebrew. Further research that analyzes pragmatic determinants on the diverse cultural groups within targeted audiences of …