Ballerinas, an example of the strength of female bodies on media. A new identity

2019 edition

Isabel Rivera

Do ballerinas make us see women as strong people?

How many female bodies have you seen last 24 hours? Elegant, beautiful, perfect, almost naked. Maybe we are conscius, maybe not. Our identity begin with our bodies. If media do not respect female images, women will be seen as broken bodies without identity.

If we show weak bodies, we show these people as weak. However, if we show a woman as a strong person, we will give them not only power, but respect and future. Ballerinas, an example of the strength of female bodies on media will give the approach of an almost 10 year research about ballerinas bodies. This research has been carried out at Université Libre Bruxelles (Belgium), University of Wolverhampton (UK), Università per Stranieri Perugia (Italy) and Pompeu Fabra University (Spain).