Blattella germanica: life cycle and metamorphosis

2018 edition

Alba Ventos-Alfonso, Ariadna Pedraza-Mensa, Orathai Kamsoi

In this talk, we will go through the life cycle of the model specie that we use in our laboratory (Blattella germanica or German cockroach) explaining the differences between the two existing types of metamorphosis. These two main types are: hemimetabolan metamorphosis, where the embryo develops the basic adult body plan (as cockroaches), and holometabolan metamorphosis, where this establishment of adult body plan is delayed until pupal stage (as flies). We will not fix on the complex molecular mechanisms involved in metamorphosis, but we are going to explain the main processes taking place in each developmental stage: from the embryo, going through nymphal stages, and finishing with adults and reproduction to finish the cycle.