Change your world in 3 steps, if all participants want! Method of Social Interaction in Communication (MisCom, Spanish acronym)

2017 edition

Jos├ę Miguel G├ímez P├ęrez

The traditional social sciences, increasingly, seem to have lapsed in their role of interpreting and / or solving society’s problems. Some changes are necessary to provide answers to people, especially the most vulnerable, because communities merit both meeting their needs and having the voice (power) to participate and decide in these processes. How to get this easily and with the possibility of a real micro-macro change?

The Method of Social Interaction in Communication (MisCom), was born in rural-indigenous and urban communities of Venezuela, and extrapolated to the Moroccan immigrant community of Catalonia, with the intention of universalizing this methodology from critical theory and with a decolonial approach. The MisCom through three steps (phases) seeks: 1) identity construction of the community; 2) communication audit; 3) program of action; and in a constant dialectical spiral, to make people and social groups take control of their processes and to produce, in the “worst case”, radical changes in the current hegemonic system of power. How to do it is the big question that is answered with this flash talk.