Dramatic texts editing: the image of the Mexican theater through the published dramatic texts, 1984-2015

2017 edition

Cristián Josué Cortés Jiménez

In this project, I’m interested in the importance of the publishing to preserve and to spread the dramaturgy. The publications create an image of certain groups or nations; in this case, I’m studying the mexican dramaturgy since 1984 to 2015. The questions are: Which dramatic texts are published? Which are the recurrent themes and styles? How are they published?

In this project, I’m studying some representative cases: Tramoya from Universidad Veracruzana (1984-2015), Ediciones El Milagro (1992-2015), Fondo de Cultura Económica (1934-2015), Cuadernos de Teatro (2007-2015) and Los Textos de la Capilla (Segunda Época) (2007-2015).


The first phase of the project is the analysis of the relations between the plays and their context. This is a basis to appreciate the relevance of the themes, understand the use of some writing styles and the motivations for some editorial choices.

Now, I’m analyzing some representative plays for each collection to identify the recurrent styles and themes. Which ideas are prioritized? Which messages are muted? How the edition influence in the content of the plays?

This kind of study could show the problems and the merits of the publishing to spread the art of the playwriting and integrate the theater in the literary word  in spite of its hybrid nature.