2017 edition



Energetic Intelligence is the ability of any human being to identify the energies that inhabit within and outside themselves, to distinguish them from each other and to use this information for The achievement of own and collective goals

Energetic Intelligence is the result of  action of 4 intelligences:

 Linguistic-Conceptual Intelligence: ability of the person to create present and future reality through their language and thought. It is a competence related to the effective use of language to create enriching, positive contexts (internal and external). Background that mentions this ability is found in pioneering linguists such as L. Wittgenstein, JL Austin and more recently Searle, (Echeverría, 2008) and (Olalla, 2010) .

 Emotional Intelligence:  the ability of the individual to recognize their own and others’ emotions, distinguish them from one another and be able to use this information to achieve goals (Bar-On, 1988), (Salovey, 1990), (Goleman, 1996) and (Boyatzis, 2002), etc.

 Body and Movement Intelligence: which refers to the person’s ability to recognize, respond and use in a conscious and constructive way the information he receives from his own body and the movement he experiences at any given moment (psychomotricity, body dispositions, stress levels, body schema (EC) (Ajuriaguerra, J.,1973), (Berruezo, 2002), (Camps Llauradó, 2002).

 Transitive-Spiritual or Systemic Intelligence, which refers to the ability of every person to find the meaning of their existence, their “for what” in life and in each of the systems in which they live. As we observe, it has much to do with what Wallon had previously expressed in reference to the relations of the individual with the environment.


General objective:

The general objective of the PhD is to develop a new construct: The Energy Intelligence as part of the talent of every human being that once recognized, developed and used with conscience, can propitiate people to live a fuller, healthier, satisfying life with greater sense.

Specific objectives:

1.1 Demonstrate their existence as a construct that goes beyond Emotional Intelligence.

1.2 Build an inventory that can identify it, measure it and consequently make its use operative for its proper use in the development of talent, well-being and personal and professional health (internal structure, reliability and evidences of validity).

1.3 Make a correlational predictive study of antecedent variables (flow, resonance, flourishing, cardiac coherence, vitality, etc.)

1.4 To open, in Spain, a new way of research within psychology, the Energy Psychology, very little developed in our country and put it to the service of human progress.