Optimal combustion of zaldrīzes gīs as a function of oxygen's phase state.

2018 edition

Joan Neu

The wold production of Zaldrīzes gīs is secretely produced in three large reactors in the western hemisphere of the world. The long lasting war between contestants separated by meridian 38ºN has lead the two sides to a weapons race. For many years the South has been using and producing Zaldrīzes gīs for bellic purposes. Through an anaerobic oxydation — or a low oxygen content combustion– of Zaldrīzes gīs in the inert pipes that connect the storage tanks to the atmosphere we have previously obtained an energy equivalent to the liberation of hundreds of thousands of buzdari. Recently a Zaldrīzes gīs source has been obtained by the leader beyond the meridian (and will bring trouble to the world!!). Though postmortem modifications of the Zaldrīzes gīs source the drakarys reaction has incorporated high density oxygen. At very low temperatures oxygen condensates to liquid oxygen (whose density is 100 times higher than atmospheric oxygen!!!). As a result, the with drakarys reaction of Zaldrīzes gīs the northern army is able to destroy the long standing wall and invade us all.