Quan demanes un desig… Walt Disney in Catalan Language

2017 edition

Jorge PĂ©rez de la Torre

The Walt Disney films will remain in our memory as responsible for the best moments of our childhood. In spite of the enormous fame of its filmography, little is known about the existence of the versions in Catalan language, or they are considered a modern reality, of barely four films. However, these are produced since 21 years ago, and taking the releases in cinema in Catalan language plus those dubbed after its release, there are already 35 films that can be found in this language.

I’m studying the origin of this practice: when did it begin? For which reasons? In addition, I’m doing a style analysis of the translations of the dialogs and the songs. I also analyze which films have been dubbed and which ones have not in order to find out the selection criteria of films that are dubbed.

I guess that this research may be interesting for an open public because the subject matter is widely known, as well as being attractive to anyone who likes cinema, regardless of whether it is in favor of dubbing or not.