RUNIN – The Role of Universities in Innovation and Regional Development

2018 edition

Sergio Andr├ęs Manrique Garz├│n, Huong Thu Nguyen

The aim of the RUNIN project is to train researchers on how universities contribute to innovation and economic growth in their regions through research seeking to examine how universities fulfill their third mission in relation to regional industry and explore the range of university engagement with regional firms and institutions. The network program focuses on how universities can contribute to innovation and regional development through four main themes: People and Networks, Policies and Interventions, Places and Territories, Practices and Governance.


Goals: Create a body of knowledge on how universities can contribute to innovation and development in the regions in which they are located. Identifying policies and practices that can be adopted by universities, firms and regional stakeholders to improve levels of regional innovation. Provide an ambitious and innovative doctoral training in the field of innovation studies.


Research Methods: Qualitative Interview, Quantitative Analysis, Survey Research, Focus Group, Case Studies.


Fourteen early-stage researchers and seven european universities make part of RUNIN project:

  • University of Stavanger, Centre for Innovation Research, Norway
  • University of Lincoln, Lincoln Business School, United Kingdom
  • University of Twente, Center for Higher Education Policy Studies, The Netherlands
  • Universitat Aut├▓noma de Barcelona, Department of Business, Spain
  • Link├Âping University, Department of Management and Engineering, Sweden
  • University of Aveiro, Department of Social, Political and Territorial Sciences, Portugal
  • Aalborg University, Department of Business and Management, Denmark


The two early-stage researchers located at UAB are Sergio Manrique (ESR 11) and Huong Nguyen (ESR 14), and their PhD topics are:

ESR 11: Assessing the Impact of University-Firm Collaboration on Firm Performance and Regional Development.

ESR 14: From Triple to Quadruple Helix. The Role of Society/Citizens/Customers in Innovation.


The idea of the talk would be to present the generalities of RUNIN project and introduce the PhD projects (research essence) of the early-stage researchers who work at UAB.