Science and Religion in Do├▒a Perfecta where are going …!

2018 edition


In our faith of the power of the word and our effort in favor of peace, in a global world in constant change, we direct our research towards realism in the novel, to capture one of the lamentable current scenes in the Arab countries, where we try to challenge all economic, social and political crises. The rise of racism, xenophobia and hatred against the other, terrorism and the danger that threatens all of us are some of today’s great challenges. As a researcher, who advocates peace and European values, I present this communication proposal where we once again bring together European culture, and en especially Hispanic culture.

The novel Do├▒a Perfecta (1876), reflects the crisis of Spanish consciousness in the last decades of the nineteenth century. In the novel there is a certain confrontation between S&R (Science and Religion). That dose of logical thinking, puts in check our faith in God. The same crisis we have today in the Arab countries.

Between S&R there is no place to share. In the aforementioned novel science denies all validity to religion. However, religion in no case denies all validity to science for not having given an acceptable result. But at the end of the novel, we understand, then, that there is a difference between what religion says and what a human being does for a personal or collective benefit. There is always room to share, because there is no difference between science and true religion and this is part of the truth. From there we understand why Gald├│s tells us in the last chapter of the novel:

“This is over. That’s now when we can say about people who look good and are not. “