The reception of the Arabic culture in the Spanish literature of the XIX century

2019 edition

Rasha Al Areedh

The Spanish Arabism was revived in the 19th century for many purposes and needs. The main need was to reconstruct the history and the past in order to highlight the superiority of Spain as the rest of the European countries back then. The lack of the information related to the history of the country led to go back to the Arabic and Islamic resources that was neglected for many years and centuries considering it as a threat against the Christians beliefs.

The revival of the Arabic studies in the 19th century was also a way to create the Spanish nationalism which required a very bright past, but the race and the religion of this past stood as a serious problem, especially for the conservatives parties. Therefore, there were a series of modifications to be done in order to make this history legit and worth to be a part of the Spanish nationalism, such as the hispanization of al-Andalus culture.

Our thesis aims to study this modification that had its echo in the Spanish literature of the first part of the 19th century, concentrating on three fiction writers who are at the same time Arabists and historians in order to contemplate the modifications that they did in their narrative production.