The use of subtitling as an active pedagogical tool

2019 edition

Sonia González Cruz

Subtitling has been used as a didactic tool to develop linguistic skills by means of both passive and active methods. Active subtitling is a translation process which implies that students are in charge of producing their own subtitles. By means of this activity, students are expected to create and edit subtitles for a given audiovisual product. Although many projects related to subtitling are focused on the learning of foreign languages from a passive perspective, the didactic benefits of performing this type of activity in an active way have also been empirically proved. Active subtitling is a relatively recent activity that has generated a lot of interest particularly in the field of second-language acquisition and in the learning of foreign languages in general. However, it can also be used as a pedagogical tool in many different fields as it allows for the acquisition and development of several linguistic and technological skills.