At poster session predocs have the opportunity to present their investigation to a very diverse audience. If you don’t want to spoil this chance we suggest:

Giving a description of your research is the purpose of the poster. Thus, predocs must take into account that they will have a very diverse audience and they might be not familiar with the work. Therefore, the poster should be prepared in order to introduce your research to a general audience.

The main goal is explaining clearly in what are we researching, how, and why. Hence we recommend you not to stress your particular results or publications, but the essence of the work, which might be more powerful to pave the way to new collaborations.

All posters should be printed in DIN A1 in order to make its exhibition and presentation easier. Nevertheless we will accept posters in any format.

Finally, despite it is not mandatory, we encourage you to prepare the poster in English.

PS: Do you want to use our logo in you presentation? Download it here.

Since 2015 participants can vote for the best poster in every session. In here, we offer the abstracts of the 2017 award winners.