“L’estudi de la lletra més enllà del que diuen les paraules”

Cristina Simon

Potser sigui particularment cert en aquesta realitat, la de la lletra, l’antítesi de la reflexió popular que ens diu que “els arbres no ens deixen veure el bosc”, aquí és el “bosc” el que ens oculta els arbres. L’aspecte funcional de la lletra la fa particular i generalment transparent fins a desaparèixer. Nosaltres la mirem, la redescobrim, la investiguem i …

Feel the Force(s)

Fabio Pezzano

Embryonic development has been investigated thoroughly on the basis of genetic and complex biochemical signaling networks. Although they play an essential role in development, mechanical forces are an integral part of the developmental processes. Mechanical forces within a cell and the tissue environment cause changes in size, shape, number, position, and gene expression of cells. Increasing evidence demonstrates that the …

Vaporwave: A fleeting future

Liu Zhenhu

Vaporwave is an art movement developed on the Internet which first emerging in the early 2010s (Nowak, R., & Whelan, A., 2018), and almost reached its heyday from 2014 to 2015. A series of subcultures and peripheral products have been derived; this style has many possibilities and ambiguous sub-style categories and information transmission. Inspired by mainstream cultural aesthetics of the …

Teaching with socio-scientific issues and inquiry in secondary school

Silvia Alcaraz Dominguez

In recent years, the purpose of science education in secondary school has changed from knowing scientific content or scientific ways of proceeding to educating future citizens that can perform science together and discuss it in the public sphere (European Union, 2018; OECD 2016; Departament d’Ensenyament, 2014). Teachers play a crucial role in the actual act of teaching and learning in …

Random walks in biological systems: Nonergodic subdiffusion from transient interactions with heterogeneous partners

Christos Charalambous

In this work, motivated by experimental results on the diffusion properties of the DC-SIGN receptor, we propose a model where spatiotemporal disorder explains the arising of an anomalous nonergodic motion. Spatiotemporal disorder has been recently associated to the occurrence of anomalous nonergodic diffusion of molecular components in biological systems, but the underlying microscopic mechanism is unclear. We introduce a model …

Dreamsongs: Timescales of Human Consciousness

David Blair

Introduction The detection and quantification of co-activation patterns is a longstanding problem in neuroscience.  We have extended a method (Lopes-dos-Santos, Ribeiro, and Tort 2013) to detect co-activation in fMRI signals, allowing both spatial and temporal characterization of interregional interactions at the whole-brain level.  Combined with whole-brain models, this method allows us to analyze the functional richness of arbitrary timescales in …

Gas microsensors based on surface modified metal oxide nanomaterials

Milena Tomic

Metal oxide (MOX) based gas sensors are solid-state devices, which are widely used in a number of applications from health and safety to energy efficiency and emission control. Previously, various MOX nanomaterials such as WO3, ZnO, SnO2, and Fe2O3 with different morphologies (e.g. nanowires, nanorods) were identified as a potential gas sensing material due to their large number of surface …

What did the cave bear eat 50,000 years ago?

Iván Ramírez

Feeding habits of the fossil cave bear (Ursus spelaeus) have always been a controversial topic in Paleontology. In this study, we investigate the paleodiet of cave bears from the Toll Cave (Moià, Catalonia, NE Iberian Peninsula) through biochemical composition of bones and microscopic wear on teeth. Both proxies provide data at different times, from the average diet during life to …

The tragedy in the narrative strategies of the testimonies of Rwandan genocide.

Clàudia García

The genocide in Rwanda was a very important event in African history. As a result of this, many books emerged that were written by witnesses who survived this fact. My doctoral thesis proposal is based on discovering these books and analyzing them from the point of view of classical tragedy.      

Air Transport and Environmental Law


Air transport and environmental scopes are two very broad areas which have experienced a strong evolution in recent decades, and that’s why it’s relevant to take an interest at the history, the forces involved and at these scopes’ evolution, before studying and legally analyzing the problematic related to the subject that we will discuss later. However we will only approach …