Assessing the Impact of University-Firm Collaboration on Firm Performance and Regional Development

2018 edition

Sergio Andrés Manrique Garzón

The general objective of this research project is to assess the impact of collaboration between university and the firm. The study focuses on the kinds of collaboration between the firm and university, and how it can aid the survival of the firm in a global and competitive market.


For accomplishing this general goal, and during the project, it is expected to accomplish the next research actions:

  • To define and understand the kinds of collaboration between firms and universities and the impacts of this collaboration on society in terms of innovation and development.
  • To analyze (theoretically and/or empirically) the university-firm relationship in a given context (geographical region, industry, etc.), focusing on the contribution of universities in the survival and performance of firms in competitive markets.
  • To develop a critical assessment on the firm-university collaboration and its impact in both corporate performance and regional development.


Public universities and private universities interact with public organizations (institutions) and private organizations (corporations and firms) in different ways, in which both parts work and benefit; beyond that, this interaction generates an impact on society, contributing to the development of the regions where the collaboration takes place and further away, in terms of innovation and socioeconomic development. This collaboration and its impact might work differently among several socioeconomic contexts characterized by geographical location, economic sector, firm’s size, educational system, among others.


The working hypothesis is that the collaboration with university should facilitate the innovation and development of products, practices and governance at the firm level, which would in turn lead to a higher performance. Aditionally, this collaboration with university should facilitate the economic growth and social development of the regions where the interaction takes place. The project is expected to investigate these assertions and generate solid advice on the ways to improve the relationship university – firm – region – society.


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