2018 edition


Care leavers in Catalonia have many challenges related to lack of social support. The cientific literature reports care leavers’ social networks are more fragile than the social networks of their peers not in care. In addition, care leavers have more difficulties for get employment stability and achieve the high-school degree than other youths. On the other hand, care leavers have more possibilities than general population to suffer mental disorders and early motherhood. Finally, they also have more possibilities to get involved in criminal activities than their peers.

In Catalonia, the youngers are in care until they are 18. Despite of this, there are different services to offer support during the transitioning to adulthood related to different areas: education, employment, housing, etc. The professionals highlight the benefits of these services.

On the other hand, in Catalonia only there are some one-time studies about the care leavers transitioning to adulthood.  For this reason, develop a tracking system become a priority. We need know care leavers’ outcomes for adapt the services.

For this reason, we have created the CALEAMI (Care Leavers Moving to Independent Life) project. The aim of this project is developing a tracking system for care leavers and implement it over time. Specifically, we are creating a tool for collect information about the outcomes of care leavers during the transitioning. We are working collaboratively with educators, professionals and care leavers.