Case study: Implementation of Social Work in the private company.

2018 edition

Marc Garcia Alias

Case study: Implementation of Social Work in the private company.

First 6 months pilot project social benefits in MediaMarkt Lleida.

This poster is a case study within the retail sector company MediaMarkt Lleida S.A., where this first CSR are by a Social Worker, and is beginning to give its first results.


The increase of Corporate Social Responsibility in companies is a reality (Seres-Deloitte Report, 2016). Everyone is aware of the positive impact that this generates on the interest groups (stakeholders) that interact with the companies and the efforts they make to implement it.
In this increasing reality, the Social Worker has the opportunity to develop their skills through their specific knowledge of the social field (Serv├│s, 2006)
Establish what role is currently playing in Social Work in the CSR of companies, their incidence in the departments, the methodologies they use and the training that these professionals should receive, is essential to be a necessary figure in the organization chart.
Usually in the occupational horizons of the Social Workers and in the training given in the universities, only work is planned in three main lines: Public sector of social services, third sector and entrepreneurship (always from a social point of view).
Relate Social Work with private company creates a strange feeling in students and a large number of professionals.
For now in the direction and departments of CSR of the companies, the figure of the Social Worker, practically has no incidence, being the professionals of the HR, legal professionals… who realize them (Del, Cuerda, & Olarte, s. f.).
How the Social Worker influence and its capabilities within the world of private enterprise for profit and establish what the role is, and training that should have for it.


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