Chiral Magnets Derived from Schiff Bases.

2017 edition

J├║lia Mayans Ayats

Research in coordination chemistry clusters of paramagnetic 3d or 4f cations has been a key field in the search of Single-Molecule-Magnet (SMM) response. Single Molecule Magnets are systems where it is possible to obtain permanent magnetization. Contrary to conventional bulk magnets, 3D  magnetic order in not necessary, and the phenomenon has a  purely molecular origin.  Single Molecule magnets are interesting from a practical point of view because their possible use in memories, spintronics, quantum computing or magnetic refrigerants.

The introduction of chirality in molecular based magnets allows the obtaining of enantiopure chiral magnets, an archetype of multifunctional materials. This can be achieved synthesizing molecule based magnets with enantiopure ligands, coligands or chiral connectors to demonstrate the influence of enantiomeric purity in the physico-chemical properties. This influence can be found in the magnetic properties themselves, but also in their interaction with the properties arising from the control of the non-cenrosymmetry. Thus, the combination of natural circular dichroism, second harmonic generation or ferroelectricity with long-range magnetic order allow the development of new properties like magneto-chiral dichroism, magnetic second harmonic generation or multiferrocity.