Deployable Architecture. Deployable arches based on regular polygon geometry.

2017 edition

Natalia Torres Londo├▒o

This research discusses a deployable-arch-structure design that is built using articulated bars, commonly called a scissor-system, and is based on the regular polygon geometry.
The deployed-arch shape can be determined by inscribing regular polygon geometry in a circle. It is defined by the: a. number of bars required, b. position of the pivots, c. pivot-point distances, d. bar length, and e. open-geometry angle of the arches.
The goal is a deployable half dome made up of semi-arches. Traditional arch construction depends on external structures to provide stability until the keystone is set, which then allows the supports to removed. Deployable structures avoid the need for these external supports greatly simplifying the assembly process and deployment time.

The architectural proposal arises from the need to design scenarios versatile modulated quickly mounted for different events. These design advantages are characteristics of deployable structures and are the motivation for the study and application of this type of structures that generate benefits such as adaptability, flexibility and space transformation.

Keywords: Deployable scissor structure, folding structure, portable, arches, regular polygons, dome, transformable architecture.

Deployable stage. Proposal of an application with mobile structures