Identification and study expression of piRNAs in Blattella germanica

2018 edition

Natalia Llonga

Piwi-associated RNAs (piRNA) are a kind of molecules that help protecting the genome against germline transposons, viruses and other mobile genetic elements of the genome.
The RNA molecules can be classified in two groups: Coding RNA and Non-coding RNA. Coding RNA are RNA molecules that are translated into a proteins, and non-coding RNAs aren’t translated. The piRNAs are classified as non-coding RNA, concretely as a small non-coding RNAs.

The project’s main goal is the identification of reads corresponding to piRNAs of Blattella germanica or “German cockroach” with libraries of small RNA-seq in different stages of development of the insect. Establish the common features of these types of RNAs in this specie, and finally analyse the expression of these piRNAs in different stages of development of the insect.