Self-evaluation and decision-making by three teachers with the EVALOE- SSD application to improve the oral communicative competence of their students

2019 edition

Mercedes P├ęrez

In school education teaching and learning the linguistic competence (speaking and listening) to communicate and build knowledge requires specific actions. Considering that the development of technologies allows to improve the teaching and learning of school contents, an application was built, the EVALOE-SSD (Scale of Assessment of the Teaching of the Oral Language in School Context – System of Support for Decisions), with the aim of contributing to teacher training
through self-evaluation and decision-making about changes they can make to contribute to the development of language competence in their students. The participants in this work are three
teachers, teachers of an ordinary school and families of medium-low socio-economic level in Catalonia.
The first results highlight that the use of the EVALOE-SSD application is a challenge for the teachers, since they initially have difficulties to understand their objective and to use it systematically. As they are using it, two of them are introducing some changes in their classes, that affect the communication skills of their students.