The use of subtitling as an active tool in general translation curricula

2018 edition

Sonia Gonzalez Cruz

The use of active subtitling in general translation curricula

This PhD project is framed within the field of the didactics of translation and it focuses on the relationship between the didactics of general translation and active subtitling as a didactic tool. Several empirical experiments prove that interlinguistic active subtitling allows for acquiring and developing certain translation skills and it also has a great impact on the students’ motivation. Active subtitling is a relatively recent activity that has generated a lot of interest particularly in the field of second-language acquisition, but it is also present within both the didactics of general translation and language teaching ‚Äč‚Äčfor translators. It is interesting to analyze the level of inclusion of these new resources into the existent curricula and observe to what extent these different teaching methods are being used in the translation classroom. Although subtitling has already become an independent discipline of study and it is considered to be a type of translation on its own, it is necessary to do further research on the different didactic varieties that this type of audiovisual translation offers. Therefore, the main objective of this project is to analyze the inclusion of interlinguistic active subtitling in general translation curricula at Catalan universities.