Unconventional biradical Character of Dasatinib

2017 edition

Carlos Heras

Dasatinib is a cancer drug, purely organic and with even number of electrons. It is an oral Bcr-Abl and Src tyrosine kinase inhibitor. The aim of this work has been to know the basis by wich this molecule, apparently closed shell, shows the typical response of a radical, and the confirmation of these properties by other techiques.

We  also have done a theoretical and computational study providing the confirmation of this new phenomena. This study revealed as from the twist of the double bond between the nitrogen and the thiazole group, N=C, the molecule can reach the triplet electronic ground state. A minimum in the potential energy surface is reached thermally without the need of a photochemical excitation.

This phenomena can affect the way Dasainib acts with the different tyrosine kinase domains and, studying these new properties, it also can open a different new way to look at reactivity. It can be the starting point for new synthesis of anticancer drugs, designing molecules with the same structural pattern.