Vapor absorption processes in falling film of aqueous LiBr and its application

2018 edition

Jian Zheng

Absorption refrigeration technology has gained wide attention due to both the primary energy price and environment concerns. The absorber generally predominates the performance of absorption chillers and also its size. In this study, both numerical and experimental simulation of the simultaneous heat and mass transfer of falling film in vertical tubes will be investigated, besides, there will also be a pre-industrial stereotype of absorption chiller operated under the optimal condition gained by the experiment. The main tests will be wavy laminar flow of falling films, the appearance  of mist flow and enhancement of mass and heat transfer with surfactant in vapor absorption process.

Numerical part: 2-D simulation of aqueous LiBr in vertical tubes under laminar, wavy laminar flow, dynamic modeling of absorption chiller

Experimental part: Heat and mass transfer test of aqueous LiBr in a vertical tube under laminar, wavy laminar flow, operation of a air-cooled single effect small capacity absorption chiller