The situation of labor in research is truly dire in Spain. The perennial lack of funding suffered by science united to the traditional disregard of research by the institutions, has led to a point where most of the predoc researches are under a plethora of different contracts or grants, causing confusion and unawareness their labor rights. In this workshop we will analyze the current state of affairs and try clarify how to deal with such matters.

The Observatori del Sistema Universitari is a permanent platform that promotes critical research, analysis, debate and discussion about the public university, in order to provide documentation about university policies.
The Instituto de Estudios del Trabajo, based on UAB, promotes and spreads research about employment. From productive to reproductive work, in all areas, and its repercussion in several context of human life.
D-Recerca Precària is a PhD Candidates and Young Researchers association that resides in Catalonia. Aims to fight for a better research and working conditions for Predoctoral Researchers.


According to a recent EU report on the matter, although the percentage of women earning their undergraduate degree is as high as 59%, this figure drops to 46% when it comes to doctorate. What is worse, while 44% of entry-level positions at universities were held by women only 37% of the next level are, plummeting to a shocking 20% working as full professors. In this workshop we will examine the the present situation and try to figure out what to do to revert this worrisome trend.

Sònia Estradè is PhD in Nanoscience at University of Barcelona. She is currently working at the Department of Electronics, University of Barcelona. She is a member part in Equality Commission of the Faculty of Physics of the UB. She is also a member of AMIT-Cataluña (Associació de Dones Investigadores i Tecnòlogues a Catalunya)